TOPIC STREAM 03: Open Cities

Open Cities will explore cities both as systems and as active communities of citizens. Topic stream takes a look at the existing structures and practices that construct the cities of today. How should future smart city infrastructures be designed and built to support openness in its various forms?

More effective usage of public sector data and engagement of new generation of problem solvers, such as developers, in the public service production can now be seen as evident elements in the process of shifting to open cities. One great outcome of this development is a variety of apps and services using transport data, creating demand for high quality transport data that is in a machine-readable format and openly licensed to allow for re-use in products and services.

Wider use of open data across city borders is currently boosted by data releasing and harmonization efforts in forums such as PSI Sectorial Meeting taking place during the festival week. Collaboration between open cities shouldn’t stop there: willingness to share what we know and the readiness to implement innovations envisioned elsewhere are steps towards open cities of tomorrow. Concurrently urban surveillance and data collecting set new opportunities and challenges on the way. Open Cities stream contemplates on the new roles and tools openness calls for the cities, companies, developers and dwellers. What role do digital networks and technologies play?

Open Cities program will consist of keynote presentations and discussions involving researchers, city officers and active citizens. Stream brings together inspiring examples from organizations such as World Bank, White House Office of Digital Strategy, European Network of Living Labs as well as cities of Helsinki and Barcelona.

This Topic Stream includes the Open Transport sub-topic (planning pad here.)

Finalised Programming: Open Transport

For more detailed info on each session, please click on the titles.

Session 1 PSI Sectorial Meeting: A round table with key transport data stakeholders

Monday 17th September, 13:00 - 17:30@ Sitra Finnish Innovation Fund Building Itämerentori 2, 00180 Helsinki, in the Atlas meeting room. See details.

Session 2 Open Transport Data - Inspiring Talks

Tuesday 18th September, 11:30-13:00 @ INSPIRE foyer


Session 3 Open Transport Data - Tech and Policy Talks

Tuesday 18th September, 14:00-15:30 @ INSPIRE foyer


Session 4 Open Transport Data - Plenary Discussion

Tuesday 18th September, 16:00-17:30 @ INSPIRE Meeting Room


Session 5 Hands-on! Building the emerging open transport data re-use community

Wednesday 19th September, 11:30-17:30 @ HACK workshop 2

Finalised Programming: Open Cities

For more detailed info on each session, please click on the titles.

Session 1 Helsinki City Appstore + Open Data Layers to Helsinki City’s Case Management Solution (AHJO)

Tuesday 18th September, 11:30-13:00 @ HACK Workshop 1

  • 1) City appstores open doors to new era of citizens’ services. Case: Helsinki City Appstore
  • 2) Open data layers to Helsinki City’s case management solution (AHJO): What does this mean to you?

Session 2 Keynotes I: Cities leading the way

Wednesday 19th September, 14:00-15:30 @ INSPIRE auditorium

Towards open cities through strategy, implementation and collaboration

  • Edward Anderson, ICT Innovation Specialist at World Bank Institute
  • Manel Sanromà, CIO at Barcelona City Council: The city protocol: building the open cities together

>> VIDEO DOCUMENTATION (start time 4:00)

Session 3 Keynotes II: Citizens opening up cities

Wednesday 19th September, 16:00-17:30 @ INSPIRE auditorium

Rise of civic technologies defining open cities of tomorrow

  • Phil Ashlock, Presidential Innovation Fellow, US Government: Standards and Open Source Cities: Collaboration driven by shared platforms
  • A’yen Tran, Interactive Project Manager, Local Projects

>> VIDEO DOCUMENTATION (start time 3:20)

Session 4 Code for Europe launch @ INSPIRE Foyer

Wednesday 19th September, 18:00-19:30 @ INSPIRE Foyer

>> VIDEO DOCUMENTATION (start time 1:30)

Session 5 Apps4Europe: Apps Contests Organizers Meetup

Thursday 20th September, 11:30-13:00 @ Kääntöpaikka (Intiankatu 1)

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Session 6 Open Urban Ecosystem discussion

Thursday 20th September, 14:00-15:30 @ INSPIRE meeting room

Moderated by Pekka Koponen, Forum Virium Helsinki.


Session 7 Open Collaborative Networked Cities discussion

Thursday 20th September, 16:00-17:30 @ INSPIRE meeting room

Moderated by Haidee Bell, NESTA.


Session 8 Life in the urban panopticon discussion

Thursday 20th September, 18:00-19:30 @ INSPIRE meeting room

Moderated by Niklas Vainio.


Session 9 Open Participatory Helsinki? Discussion

Friday 21st September, 11:30-13:00 @ MEET 8th Floor Auditorium

Moderated by Minna Tarkka, M-cult.


Session 10 Project and idea market place

Friday 21st September, 14:00-15:30 @ INSPIRE meeting room


Guest Programme Planners

  • Daniel Dietrich (OKFN DE) - Open Transport Data
  • Daniel Rudmark (Victoria Institute) - Open Transport Data
  • Pieter Colpaert (iRail) - Open Transport Data
  • Marc de Vries - (ePSI platform) Open Transport Data PSI sectorial meeting
  • Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts (Forum Virium Helsinki) - Open Cities
  • Haidee Bell (Nesta) - Open Cities
  • Hanna Nikkanen - Open Cities
  • Petri Kola & Ville Meloni (Forum Virium / Helsinki Region Infoshare) - Open Cities
  • Pekka Koponen (Forum Virium Helsinki)