Organisers and partners

The 2012 OKFestival Core Organising Team in Helsinki.

OKFestival 2012 is a community-driven event focused on collaboration and participant engagement, with several groups and individuals working together around the globe to plan the week’s programme. The main organizers for the event are The Open Knowledge Foundation, The Finnish Institute in London and the Aalto Media Factory. Festival decisions are made openly and democratically whenever possible, through conversations between Main Organisers, Guest Programme Planners, Advisory Board and the Core Organising Team, with regular updates to the Public Discussion List.

Main Organisers

The groups who make up the Main Organisers are the organisational backbone of OKFestival, without whom the event would not be able to happen. They are The Open Knowledge Foundation (UK), The Finnish Institute in London (UK/Finland) and the Aalto Media Factory (Finland).

Main Partners

The Main Partners provide resources and advice to make the programme happen. They are Helsingin Sanomat, IBM, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Siemens, Sida, Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture and Forum Virium Helsinki.


Partners help the festival organisation by contributing personal time, money and and other resources. They include Sunlight Foundation, Finland’s Ministry of Justice, YLE, EIT ICT Labs, Aalto Service Factory, AVO Open Networks for Learning, Aalto Pro, COSS, Martela, Open Ministry, Flo Apps, Tieto, Microsoft, HH Partners, Ixonos, Pixelache, Tieto Näkyväksi, and SUSE

The Core Organising Team

The Core Organising Team manages the operation of the event, making all final strategy decisions and leading production initiatives. Its members are supported by a team of graphic and spatial designers in Finland, including Inka Kosonen, Juan Hernández, Hye Jin Ahn and Kaisa Takala. The members of the 2012 Core Organising Team are, in alphabetical order:

  • Kat Braybrooke (Open Knowledge Foundation)
  • Juha Huuskonen (The Finnish Institute In London)
  • Petri Kola (Forum Virium, EIT ICT Labs Helsinki)
  • Massimo Menichinelli (Aalto University)
  • Jussi Nissilä (The Finnish Institute In London)
  • Antti Poikola (Otavan Opisto)

The Core Organising Team can be reached by email at info (at)

The Guest Programme Planners

The Guest Programme Planners are participants who are directly engaged in building the festival programme as international teams. They are listed on Topic Stream pages, and their work-in-progress can be found on the main festival planning Etherpad here.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board guides the festival programme planning and advises the Core Organising Team in its decisions. Advisory Board members include:

  • Michel Bauwens (Belgium/Thailand), P2P Foundation
  • David Eaves (Canada), Advisor to the Mayor of Vancouver
  • Jonathan Gray (UK), Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Janet Haven (US), Associate Programme Director of Information Programme at Open Society Foundations
  • Augusto Herrmann (Brazil), Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management
  • Ossi Kuittinen (Finland), The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
  • Ben Lucas (UK), Principal Partner, 2020 Public Services Hub, Chair of Public Services at the RSA
  • Mayo Fuster Morell (Spain), Berkman Centre (US), School of the commons and Amical Viquipedia
  • Catarina Mota (Portugal), Open Hardware Summit 2012
  • Jindřich Mynarz (Czech Republic),
  • Rufus Pollock (UK), Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Andrew Stott (UK), Member of the UK Transparency Board
  • Julian Tait (UK), FutureEverything & Open Data Manchester
  • Peter Troxler (Netherlands), International FabLab Association
  • Farida Vis (UK), University of Leicester & Open Data Manchester
  • Ton Zijlstra (Netherlands), and FabLab Foundation Netherlands

Design Team

Graphic design: Inka Kosonen & Juan Hernandez from Aalto University Graphic Design MA Programme. The design has been adapted to the OKFestival website by Sam Smith / OKFN. The Twitter visualisation was designed by Inka Kosonen & Juan Hernandez and implemented by Flo Apps.

Spatial Design: Kaisa Takala & Hey Jin Ahn (Aalto University Spatial Design MA Programme).