Session Hosts


Here is information about your role as an OKFest Session Host:

Before the event: Please get in touch with all the Speakers / Contributors of the session, to make sure that they receive the speaker info package. This is good moment to make them feel welcome and check that they are prepared to give their presentation.

It is probably a good idea to try to collect all the presentation material on one computer already in advance, to ensure that the session runs smoothly. It is also recommended that the presentation materials would be published online, so that they can be accessed from another computer if necessary (and also be available later on).

Please also check that the information about the session on OKfestival website is accurate. The Guest Programme Planners have editing access to the pages, they can update the information if necessary.

During the event: Every morning between 9:00-10:00 we have scheduled a Speaker reception at INSPIRE Foyer. Please arrange to meet up with the Speakers of your session during these morning sessions. In the INSPIRE Foyer we will have signs for all the 13 Topic Streams, so

If you have any questions about the spaces (technical arrangements, etc) please get in touch with the Room Hosts.

Before the session: Please arrive to the space at least 30 minutes before the session starts, to check that everything is ready for the session. The Room Hosts can help you with technical issues (projector, internet, etc).

During the session: The session hosts are the moderators of the session, unless another person has been chosen to moderate the session. Please make sure that the session finishes on time (almost all the sessions are 1.5 hours long) so that the preparations for the following session can start on time.


>> Contact Information Master Document: OKfest Core Organisers, Guest Programme Planners, #OKFestCrew, Venue staff, Tech contacts, etc

>> Venue Photos + Floorplans

>> Tech info: Technical information about all OKfest spaces (an Etherpad page - will be updated regularly)

>> Schedule for setup (Sat 15 + Sun 16 + Mon 17) and takedown (Sat 22)


Please fill in this form (at latest on Monday 17th 14:00) WHO from your topic stream will be present in the morning coffee & speaker reception (on those days when your topic stream has sessions) and who will present the topic stream programme highlights in 60 seconds during the morning plenary (these may be different persons).