OKFestival Venue

OKFestival 2012 Venue

Here is more information about the various spaces we’ll be using at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (at Hämeentie 135 C Helsinki) - the main venue of Open Knowledge Festival 2012. To get more of an idea of what it all looks like, we also have an OKFest Flickr pool with many photos of the venue.

For details on how to get to Helsinki, and how to get to Aalto University within Helsinki, we have a travel information page here. For advice on accommodation in Helsinki, we also have a page with details on hotels and hostels here.

1. INSPIRE auditorium + foyer + meeting room

INSPIRE auditorium. The largest OKfest conference venue, 300 seats.

INSPIRE foyer. This space will have two parts: One end is reserved for presentations / discussions / lightning talks (seats for approx 50 people), the other end will be the main social gathering place.

INSPIRE meeting room. A room for lectures (max 50 people) or workshops (for approx 25 participants).

2. HACK workshop space + cinemas

HACK workshop space. A 495 sqm open space which will be divided into 4 sections, in each section we can have a workshop/hackathon for approx 20 participants.

OKFestival Film Screening Space, Helsinki HACK cinema. Two cinemas that are used for presentations and screenings. 89 and 28 seats.

3. MAKE auditorium + fablab + meeting rooms

MAKE auditorium. A space for presentations (50 seats) and workshops (max 40 participants).

MAKE fablab. A room for workshops (in picture) + a proper Fablab with several digital fabrication tools and various other toolsets.

4. More auditoriums / lecture rooms / workshop spaces

8th Floor auditorium. For max 120 people.

Aalto PRO lecture room. For lectures (max 60 people) and workshops (max 30 people).

Comics Centre workshop space. For workshops (max 20 people) and meetings (max 25 people).

5. Floorplans of OKfest spaces

Floorplans for INSPIRE foyer, INSPIRE meeting room, MEET 8th Floor auditorium and MEET Aalto PRO lecture room