OKFest Info Park: 2012 Partners

Here is a list of OKFestival Main Partner / Partner benefits & practical instructions.

As you already know, the (sold out!) Open Knowledge Festival’s programme is amazingly diverse this year, with over 150 sessions and satellite events in 13 guest-planned Topic Streams from “Transparency and Accountability” to “Openness in Sustainability”. Around 100 OKFest organizers and Guest Programme Planners have been involved in building the programme – and even more of you are giving a presentation, participating in a panel discussion or running a workshop. We are very grateful for your participation - you’ve made OKFestival what it is!

Truly, it has been the diversity and commitment of the people involved that has been the strength of this (very much community-run, on a shoestring budget!) event – the largest open data gathering we’ve ever seen. At the same time, we do realise that the vast number of organizers and speakers may create some challenges for communication – so this page will share practical information for each of you to make sure your experience is pleasant.

If you have questions during the week that aren’t answered here, please go to the Info Desk, where #OKFestCrew and Core Crew folk will be available to help you out. Best of luck, many thanks, and we’ll find you all in Helsinki!


Monday 10 Sept: Deadline for registering sponsored OKFestival passes

Monday 17 Sept: Setup day for OKFest partner stands @ HACK workshop space

Tue 18 Sept, 16:00-17:30: Partner presentations (Lightning talks) @ INSPIRE Foyer

Tue 18 Sept, 18:00-19:30: Main Partner presentations (Lightning talks) @ INSPIRE Foyer

Tue 18 Sept, 19:30-: OKFestival Welcome reception

Wed 19 Sept + Thur 20 Sept + Fri 22 Sept, 15:30-16:00: Meet the OKFest Partners networking event @ HACK workshop space

Fri 21 Sept, 19:30: Taking down the Partner stands (or on Sat 22 Sept morning)


1. Contributions to OKFestival programme

Most of OKFestival partners are contributing to the OKFestival programme in some way. Most of these contributions have been arranged in collaboration with our Guest Programme Planners. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with OKFestival coordinator Juha Huuskonen (contact information at the end of the page).

2. OKFestival passes

OKFestival 2012 Main Partners can register 10 free OKFestival Week passes. Other OKFestival 2012 Partners can register 2 free OKFestival Week passes OR 4 free OKFestival Day passes.

Please register the passes here, latest on Monday 10 September: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dE9MYzRScVNrZjN3N0JjbXRsZ05aX2c6MQ

3. Logo on OKFestival website + printed leaflet

The partner logos are going to be visible on OKFestival website + printed leaflet + in OKFestival Partner stands (more information below). We will keep you posted on this, so that you can check that the logo is displayed correctly.

4. OKFestival Partner stands

The OKFestival partner stands are located in the HACK space. The setup day is Monday 17 September and the stands are on display during four days (18-21 Sept). The stands are taken down on Fri 21 Sept evening / Sat 22 Sept morning.

The partner stand area concept has been designed by our spatial designers Kaisa Takala & Hey Jin Ahn. The main idea is to use table surface to present information - leaflets, small posters (with some kind of support to make them stand up), books or laptops/small screens. Each table has 2-3 organisations (so each organisation gets approx 1 meter of table space).

We will provide electricity to all tables, but you will need to arrange all technical equipment (laptops, screens) yourself. You should also bring a kensington lock or some other security solution so that equipment will not get stolen. OKFestival cannot take responsibility of the equipment.

List of tables / organisations:

  • Table 1 (size 250 x 80 x h90 cm): OKFN + Finnish Institute + Aalto University Media Factory

  • Table 2 (size 100 x 80 x h90 cm): Sitra + Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture

  • Table 3 (size 200 x 60 x h70 cm): Sida + Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Sunlight Foundation

  • Table 4 (size 200 x 60 x h70 cm): Helsingin Sanomat + Ministry of Justice (OGP)

  • Table 5 (size 200 x 80 x h90 cm): IBM + Forum Virium (Apps4Finland?)

  • Table 6 (size 200 x 60 x h100 cm): YLE + Siemens

  • Table 7 (size 200 x 60 x h100 cm): Open Ministry + Flo Apps + COSS

  • Table 8 (size 150 x 80 x h90 cm): HH Partners + Tieto

  • Table 9 (size 150 x 80 x h90 cm): SUSE + Microsoft

  • Table 10 (low tables h40 cm for flyers etc): Aalto Pro + Aalto Service Factory + EIT ICT Labs + AVO Open Networks for Learning + Martela + Pixelache + Tieto Näkyväksi + Ixonos + Screen.io + Sunlight Foundation

5. OKFest Library & OKFest Shop

In INSPIRE Foyer we will have OKFestival Library & OKFestival shop. These are not only for OKFestival Partners but also for other OKFestival participants - in principle anyone can bring items to the library to browse, or things to sell at OKFest Shop.

If you want to bring something to either OKFest Library or OKFest Shop, please register the items here:

>> OKFest Library: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dEdadWVxdVlhNk9lTVNhVTIzeFVYRkE6MQ

>> OKFest Shop: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dEVvX0FUTzRGaWFoT1dXRVhpdXpvVHc6MQ

6. Lightning talks

The Main Partner & Partner lightning talks will take place on Tuesday 18 September at INSPIRE Foyer. Partner talks 16:00-17:30, Main Partner talks 18:00-19:30, followed by the OKFestival welcome reception. The approx max duration of the lighting talks is 8 minutes (but they can be shorter as well). More information will follow soon!

7. Networking events

On Wed 19 Sept + Thur 20 Sept + Fri 22 Sept one of the programme breaks (15:30-16:00) is dedicated for meeting up with the OKFest partners. If possible, one or more persons from your organisation should stay at HACK Workshop space close to the Partner stands at this time.

8. Open Sauna

Please invite OKFestival participants to your company sauna! More information about Open Sauna >> www.opensauna.org


The partnership agreements are made with Finnish Institute in London (one of the three main coordinators of OKFest). The contact person is Finnish Insitute Programme Director Jussi Nissilä, jussi.nissila@finnish-institute.org.uk / +44 77 39 32 03 42


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact OKFestival coordinator Juha Huuskonen, juha.huuskonen@finnish-institute.org.uk / +358 40 570 96 17