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An International Team

OKFestival 2012 is a community-driven event focused on collaboration and participant engagement, with several groups and individuals working together around the globe to plan the week’s programme. Festival decisions are made openly and democratically whenever possible, through conversations between Event Coordinators, Guest Programme Planners, Advisory Board and the Core Organising Team, with regular updates to our @OKFestival Twitter account and Facebook page. To speak directly to our organising team and guest programme planners via email, browse the categories below.

Contact the Core OKFestival Festival Organisers

(1) Festival Coordinators To get in touch with the Core OKFestival Organising Team (details here) for general questions and ideas, you can email us at info (at)

(2) Financial Aid + Visas + Bursaries For queries related to tickets, international visas and bursaries, or if you are having problems affording this festival, email financialaid (at)

(3) Media + Press If you are a blogger, journalist or media outlet and would like to get official accreditation to write about OKFestival, or if you’ve written a story that you’d like us to feature, email press (at)

(4) Design If you need to contact our Graphic Designers, Web Designers or Spatial Designers, email designers (at)

(5) Video + Streaming If you have questions about video capabilities at OKFest, email Aalto University’s OKFest production tech team videoteam (at)

Contact the OKFestival Topic Streams

To engage directly with the Guest Programme Planners of our 13 OKFestival Topic Streams, use the group emails provided below. Please keep in mind that the majority of these contacts are volunteers, all of whom have put a great deal of their spare time into making the festival week extraordinary - messages of goodwill and positive feedback will be much-appreciated!

(1) Open Democracy and Citizen Movements * Email: opendemocracy (at)

02) Transparency and Accountability * Email: transparencyandOGP (at)

(3) Open Cities * Email: opencities (at)

(4) Open Design, Hardware, Manufacturing & Making * Email: designhardwaremaking (at)

(5) Open Cultural Heritage * Email: openheritage (at)

(6) Open Development * Email: opendevelopment (at)

(7) Open Research and Education * Email: educationandresearch (at)

(8) Open Geodata * Email: opengeodata (at)

(9) Open Source Software * Email: opensourcesoftware (at)

(10) Data Journalism and Data Visualization * Email: datajournalism (at)

(11) Gender and Diversity in Openness * Email: genderdiversity (at)

(12) Business and Open Data

  • Email: businessanddata (at)

(13) Open Knowledge and Sustainability * Email: sustainability (at)