TOPIC STREAM 12: Business and Open Data

This Topic Stream is focused on how to support existing business practices within the field of Open Data. It includes a day of  Open Data in Business Research session as well as a session, which highlights the good cases of using and providing open data in business. The research sessions are co-ordinated with Aalto University School of Economics and the business practicioners session is run by Sitra the Finnnish Innovation Fund and IBM Finland. The topic stream brings the business minds and academic minds to discuss on how to build sustainable business on open data.

Finalised Programming

Session #1 Open Data in Business

Tuesday 18th September 14:00 - 15:30, HACK Cinema 1 / Session host: Karoliina Luoto


Session #2 The Business Value of Transparency and Openness

Tuesday 18th September 16:00 - 17:30, HACK Cinema 1 / Session host: Yulia Tammisto

>> VIDEO DOCUMENTATION / PART 1 (start time 0:40)


Session #3 Open Data in Business Research

Thursday 20th, 11:30 – 18:00, HACK Cinema 1 / Session host: Yulia Tammisto


>> PART 1 (Juho Lindman, Anders Hjalmarsson)

>> PART 2 (Anders Hjalmarsson)

>> PART 3 (Anders Hjalmarsson, Maria Krestyaninova, Peter Vanhee, …)

>> PART 4 Open Data in Business Research: Tomi Kinnari & Juho Lindman & Matti Rossi, Teemu Mäenpää & Vesa Nyrhilä, Eyal Sagi & Daniel Diermeier & Stefan Kaufmann

>> PART 5 Open Data in Business Research: PANEL DISCUSSION with George Kuk, Teemu Leinonen, Youngjin Yoo, Sirkka Järvenpää, Jyrki Koskinen

Much of OKFestival 2012′s business-focused programming will be integrated within other Topic Streams such as Transparency and Accountability. This Topic Stream is focused on making business work within the paradigm of Open Data. Its programming will be very focused, including 3 sessions in HACK cinema 1 on Tuesday from 14:00-19:30, and a full ‘Open Data in Business Research Stream’ day in HACK cinema 1 on Thursday from 11:30-17:30.

Guest Programme Planners

  • Email: businessanddata (at)

Yulia Tammisto, Aalto University

Karoliina Luoto, @totoroki