OKFestival Programme Updates, Session Details and Evening/Free Events!

Finding the programme a bit insufficient? With the 2012 theme “Open Knowledge in Action”, getting involved is one of the most important parts of the OKFestival experience, and the conference itself is but one of the many elements that make up the OKFestival week, so please browse the links below to find out about a) programme updates + changes and b) additional events + new ways to engage with the movement!

Evening Programme

To attend the many crowd-sourced events that make up the OKFestival Evening Programme across Helsinki, from the Opening Reception on Tuesday night to the Open Prom party to the Open Sauna tour on Friday night, browse the selection and get involved at the Evening Programme page. We’ve also outlined the ‘late night hangout place’ - a popular street in Helsinki where #OKFestival participants can gather for a drink or two after the festivities.

Lightning Talk Sign-Ups

Have something to say, or a great project to present? Didn’t get time to be a guest programme planner? We still have spaces left for Lightning Talks held across the OKFestival venue on each day of the festival. Sign up at the Programme Updates Etherpad.

Programme Cancellations, Details and Modifications

For the most updated version of the programme, with in-depth details and summaries of each session, go to the Online Schedule.

All changes, cancellations and additions to the OKFestival programme can be found at the Programme Updates Etherpad.

Free + Satellite OKFestival Events

Want to get even more involved outside of the typical conference experience? There are also several free tours, workshops, hackathons and meetups that have been organised by participants throughout Helsinki. Find details and sign-up forms on the Free Hackathons + Events page.