Open Government Data Camp.

On the other side of the open knowledge coin from OKCon, OGDCamp (2011 website here) has also been the largest open government data event in the world - and last year’s 2011 camp in Warsaw, Poland attracted over 350 visitors from over 40 countries. For details about the camp’s results, click here.

As a part of the Open Knowledge Festival this year in Helsinki, OGDCamp 2012 will be seamlessly combined into the entire week’s programming, allowing the annual event to mature into a cohesive, hands-on experience focused on sharing ideas and building new projects that combine municipal and national data with civic society initiatives from both global and Nordic perspectives. During the week’s schedule of OKFestival 2012, the majority of open government-data focused programming will happen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as a part of several core Topic Streams, including those devoted to Transparency, Accountability and the Open Government Partnership, Open Cities and Open Democracy & Citizen Movements.

OGDcamp 2011 Press Coverage