Sara Sajjad (SE)

Written by Kalle Pakkala on March 19, 2009.


I’m with Magnus Eriksson the media contact for Piratbyrån that started on this channel on IRC (or actually at a pub) in 2003. Lets talk about what IRC is. I’m a writer and a movie star as “the girl in steal this film”. I don’t disagree with copyright, I just don’t care. I’m busy with creating the future and making it possible for artists to survive on their work, with recreating old frames and rules of managment. I live in five different places so the Swedish passing of the IPRED law, which allows companies to get the registered addres behind an IP if the IP is doing something they don’t like, is kind of harmless to me. But I have some principals left, a little bit of soul. Lets talk about that also.

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