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Written by Juhuu on January 15, 2009.

Festival of electronic art and subcultures
Helsinki, Finland
2-5 April

With the 8th edition of Pixelache Helsinki, the festival is returning back to its roots. Instead of focusing on one main theme, we’ve allowed the programme to develop gradually around a selection of diverse topics. This reflects the nature of the festival: it’s built from bottom-up, with the voluntary efforts of the Pixelache community.

We are expecting around 100 international guests to join this annual gathering of artists, designers, engineers, researchers, architects, hackers and activists.

Programme themes:

Alternative Economy Cultures

The ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ (alt.econ.cult) theme explores the relationship between networked cultural praxis and economics. The full day seminar, and related workshop about peer-fundraising, is organised by Andrew Paterson (SCO/FI), in cooperation Marita Muukkonen & Ivor Stodolsky of Perpetuum Mobile, and Roope Mokka of Demos Helsinki. Invited guests include Michel Bauwens (BE/TH), Geraldine Juarez (MX), Felix Stalder (AT), Piratbyrån (SE), Oliver Ressler (AT), and Tere Vadén (FI).


In reaction to dematerialized music, the Artkillart label initiated by Kévin Bartoli (FR), Thomas Pigache (FR) and Clément Lyonnet (FR) challenges the artists to explore the material quality of different media (including the dvd, cd and vinyl). The Artkillart showcase features Samon Takahashi + Vincent Epplay (FR), Valentina Vuksic (CH), Diego Filtrator (ES), Yann Leguay (FR) and RYbN (FR).

Spaceship Earth (Art, Science & Ecology)

Earth is the only vessel that humankind has and we should learn how to be good pilots (as soon as possible). This idea was often featured in writings of architect / inventor Buckmister Fuller (’Buckie’) who wanted to challenge the conventional ideas we have about design and engineering. The Spaceship Earth programme of Pixelache09 explores how relevant Buckie’s concept is  today, when ubiquitous computing and climate crisis are emerging simultaneously. The programme consists of a workshop, a seminar and an exhibition in Lasipalatsi. Participants include Terike Haapoja (FI), Tapio Mäkelä (FI), Anu Osva (FI), Christopher Burman (UK) and Ulla Taipale (FI).

Audiovisual Hacking

‘Audiovisual Hacking’ is about creating images/light/visuals/pixels and other blinking, sparkling and twinkling things from electronic junk, discarded toys and cheap components. The organisers of this theme are Antti Ahonen (FI) / Association of Experimental Electronics and Tuomo Tammenpää (FI). The special hacker guest of this theme is Gijs Gieskes (NL).

Digital Craftsmanship

Who are the artisans of today’s electronic media? ‘Digital Craftsmanship’ explores what individual designers or small teams are able to create with easily accessible technology and how this can be paradigmatically different from the traditional production methods. The participants of this theme come from digital design labs and study programmes, including ART+COM (DE), The Berlin University of Arts (DE), Taik Media Lab (FI), Yatta (FI), Culture Lab Newcastle (UK), Kitchen Budapest (HU) and Konstfack (SE).

Live Video Lab

Pixelache and VJ Finland are collaborating to bring together local and international VJs, visual artists and designers to present their latest audiovisual performance work. In addition to audiovisual shows, there will be improvised VJ jamming sessions and collaborations with local club events. Participants include VideoJack (PT + FI), Pussykrew & Stigingeoy (PL+IR), Bleephop (LV), Amoamiamo (CT), Propaganda (EE), Erection Duck (EE), VJ Union (SE), Alienkiller (FI), Visual Systeemi (FI), Random Doctors (FI), Xploitec (FI), Andrei (FI), Harmaa/Beige (FI), Klaustrofobia (FI), Valokuilu (FI), Liina Nilsson (SE) and the creators of Animata live animation software from Kitchen Budapest (HU).

Signals from the South

‘Signals from the South’ is an annual showcase of projects from ‘the South’ (South America, Africa, Asia). This year’s edition features work by Venzha Christ / Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory (Indonesia), Geraldine Juárez (Mexico), Annemie Maes (Belgium) and Vanessa Gocksch & Juan Carlos Pellegrino (Colombia). The artworks explore the complex relationship between technology and culture.

Also in the programme:


Pixelache09 programme includes 5 exhibitions that are open during festival time: Expedition to the Total Eclipse (in Kiasma Mediatheque), Signals from the South (in MUU Gallery), Artkillart (in Myymälä2), Digital Craftsmanship (in Kiasma lobby) and Spaceship Earth (in Lasipalatsi).


Pixelache is collaborating with VJ Finland, Basso, Renegade to organise HELOW09, a festival of electronic music and VJ culture. Six interationally recognized artists of the electronic music scene and fifteen vj groups from six different countries arrive in Helsinki to perform during the weekend in HELOW 2009 -event in Voimala, Suvilahti.

HELOW09 is a Pixelache09 satellite event with a separate ticket! (Pixelache09 festival pass will not give you access).

Open Forum

Open Forum is a series of short presentations (max 10 min) on recent interesting projects. Programme to be confirmed.


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