Grandma, help them as they do not know what they are doing

Written by Juhuu on April 30, 2009.

Do NOT Touch The Internet
Citizens Ready For A Fight Across The European Union

The privatization of the Internet could be decided in the next few weeks. On May 5th, the European Parliament will vote on a package of measures which will affect the national laws of all EU countries.

The European Parliament is about to give up our rights to an open access to the Internet to protect the interests of Entertainment and Communications multinationals. A civil campaign by organizations of the whole European Community will be simultaneously launched tonight in order to prevent the privatization of the Internet and to defend the democratic right to access to information and digital tools.

This campaign includes:
1 - An informative website explaining what the so called ”
Telecommunications Package “, which is about to be voted on in the European Parliament, is, why it is so dangerous for the future of citizens. the impact on their daily economy, as well as useful information and tools created by citizens for citizens, including open letters, press releases, a blog and video material:
http: //

2 - A letter to members of the European Parliament that it is being sent by hundreds of organizations and citizens (one Euro Parliamentarian recognized that they are receiving as many as 200 letters a day):

3 - An automatic system that allows citizens to send the letter directly to all the Members of the European Parliament:

4 - A system to monitor their vote in the matter:


5 - A Europe wide casting for grandmothers to create an inter-European viral video:

Take Part!

“Grandma, help them as they do not know what they are doing”. On the occasion of the vote in the European parliament of the Telecoms package on May 5, a video contest has been launched on YouTube. This is to remind members of the European Parliament that they need our vote in June. The Internet still provides us with the tools to watch and judge their actions. And we need this to continue.

Find out:
Do not allow the European Parliament to privatize the Internet! Act now!
Tomorrow it is too late!

We Still Can Put Pressure On Them - We Gave Them Our Vote - We Vote Again
In June. Remind Members Of The European Parliament! ”
Spread the info

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Many more Pixelache09 videos online

Written by Juhuu on April 18, 2009.

pixelache - Valentina Vuksic: Tripping Through Runtime from pixelACHE festival on Vimeo.

Pixelache 2009: Pink Twins live - first 10 min from pixelACHE festival on Vimeo.

Pixelache Video Podcast: Bengt Sjölén + Adam Somlai-Fischer - Wifi Camera from pixelACHE festival on Vimeo.

Alternative Economy Cultures PART 2 from pixelACHE festival on Vimeo.

….and many more here and here.

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Artkillart show in Myymälä2 until 12 April

Written by Juhuu on April 6, 2009.

Pixelache09 festival is over, but you still have a chance to check out the Artkillart show in Myymälä2 (until 12 April) or the Expedition to the Total Eclipse exhibition in Kiasma Mediatheque (until 7 June).

Pixelache Video Podcast: Valentina Vuksic - Harddisko from pixelACHE festival on Vimeo.

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Please give us feedback!

Written by Juhuu on .

Thank you very much for all the Pixelache09 participants! All the organisers are very exhausted but very happy, we hope to see many of you again next year!

We would appreciate it a lot if you would send us feedback. This information is important for the reports we will send to our supporters, as well as for the future development of the festival.

Please cut and paste these questions to email and send it to feedback09 ((at))

- - - -

Name, country, email (optional):

1. How much of Pixelache09 programme did you follow (approximately)?
(A - 100%, B - 80%, C - 60%, D - 40%, E - 20%, F - 10% or less)

2. How would you rate your experience of Pixelache09?
(A - excellent, B - good, C - average, D - below average, E - poor)

3. Your professional benefit of Pixelache09?
(A - excellent, B - good, C - average, D - below average, E - poor)

4. Did you make useful contacts for work / future collaborations?
(D - none, C - 1 or 2, B - a few (3 to 6), A - many)

Pixelache 2009 programme:
5. The three best things in Pixelache 2009 programme?

6. The least interesting things in Pixelache 2009 programme?

Pixelache 2009 practical arrangements:
7. What worked well?

8. What could be improved?

9. Wishlist: what themes and topics would you propose for Pixelache 2010?

10. Other general comments?

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mikroPaliskunta shares two welcomings

Written by mkk on April 4, 2009.

Joyful buss driver at Las Palmas airport.

Overheard discussion on the way from the airport to Playa del Ingles (mp3)

Daughter: Is there any way we could change the hotel? We don’t want that hotel anymore! Especially because I have the biggest party in the room EVERY DAY!
Guide: The welcoming packet I gave you contains a map of Cran Canaria. The map has also Play del Ingles included.
Daughter (on the phone): We just drop our bags there and we take a taxi from hotel…
Guide: …there is also our holiday library; you can borrow reading for holiday.
Daughter: Yeah, mom has the address…
Guide: …nordic walking…
Daughter (on the phone): We are a little drunk… no that’s a joke…
Guide: …souvenirs…
Daughter (on the phone): We couldn’t get any alcohol on the plane, HORRIBLE place – really horrible place… Okay, we’ll come there then… but hey then let’s not stay in the hotel room, let’s go for swimming and sun bathing… yeah yeah, but then let’s go to the beach right away, I need to test my new swimming balls. Okay, good, ciao! Ah yeah, some amazons… oh fuck, where the fucking brothel you live. We’ll come there. Okay ciao!
Guide: The beach is long in Playa del Ingles and worth visiting – at least the dynes of Maspalomas…
Daughter: What! Mom!
Mom: Well, hear me, I wouldn’t want to wait so fucking long.
Daughter: Why not sit in the buss for the whole life. It feels like a terrorist. Like someone has kidnapped us and soon there will be some towel head coming trough the bus door speaking Latin. Hey, but let’s have the adventurous attitude, let’s be just like tourists… We are so terrible, we sure won’t get out of this bus live… and if we do, we can’t get into the hotel…
Mom: And we don’t even want to get into the hotel!
Daughter: No we don’t! We are on holiday! Fuck! Finally!
Mom: Yeah, holiday begins… but there something fucking wrong…
Daughter: It doesn’t matter.
Mom: Fuck it does!
Daughter: This is the first holiday ever that is a good holiday.
Mom: My friends are waiting for me.
Daughter: Yeah and we’ll make it there. And for once it’s just us women! No men!
Mom: But the bus is not moving…

View other expedition findings at

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Audiovisual hacking container

Written by tuomo on .

dscf9494 dscf9505 dscf9513

All-systems-go at Audiovisual Hacking container. The beeping and the “pörinä”  got quite corporal inside the steel box. Only a seasoned bender can take more than 15 minutes inside the thing without permanent damage to the nerves. Approach with caution. Gieskes wrapped up our beeps for the day with an excellent performance at Pixelache Club Dubrovnik. All hail the squarewave.

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Pixelache Club @ Dubrovnik / Timetable

Written by PetriR on April 3, 2009.


Shogun Kunitoki

Doors open at 22.00


DJ: Pixelache DJs + VJ: Liina Nilsson

Live: Gieskes + VJ: Liina Nilsson

DJ: T.A. Kaukolampi + VJ: Erection Duck

Live: Ona Kamu Live + VJ: Erection Duck

DJ: T.A. Kaukolampi + VJ: Samesame

AV Live: Shogun Kunitoki

DJ: T.A. Kaukolampi + VJ: Samesame


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ART+COM 20 Years presentation

Written by Juhuu on .


We are very happy to have Joachim Sauter from ART+COM participating in this year’s Pixelache. Joachim will give a presentation about the work of ART+COM tomorrow on Saturday, 16:00-17:00 in Kiasma Theatre. Over the past 20 years, ART+COM has realised a broad range of ambitious projects that blur the border between architecture, interior design and digital media.

More information

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Open Forum detailed programme

Written by Juhuu on .

Here is a more detailed programme for Pixelache Open Forum (Sat 4 April):


14:45-15:00 break


15:45-16:00 break


>> More information about Open Forum presentations

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Collective Experiments / Syjunta

Written by Juhuu on .


Some improvised programme…. The Collective Experiments Syjunta crew from Stockholm will have their thing going on tomorrow afternoon (Sat 4 April) in Kiasma lobby between cafeteria and bookstore.

“The syjunta (knitting circle) that Collective Experiments arrange in Stockholm is a very relaxed and informal event, like a true knitting circle should be. We deliberately don’t have any announced agenda or lectures, it’s simply a gathering where we provide some coffe / beer and cookies. To keep it interesting and get new people on board we swap venue each time. The goal is to get people to inspire and help each other. People who attend work on completely different things, some might work on VJ applications, others on bio-printers. The common denominator is that everyone uses openFrameworks, Processing or similar tools. So while you don’t have to talk code it’s a good opportunity to discuss a nice hack, get help with a bug or find out how to get started…”

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