Guerrilla VJ Unit

Guerrilla VJ Unit is a car modified to support video projections. It works as an open platform for presenting moving images in public spaces.

Guerrilla VJ Unit will be build in Helsinki, Finland. The premiere use of the car will be at the Pixelache 2007 Helsinki Festival, where it is an integral part of Nordic VJ meeting program. In Pixelache the unit will work ten days as an platform for artists from baltic and nordic regions.

Guerrilla VJ Unit is an independent open platform, which allows VJ projections and video works to presented in places where it would be technically hard or even impossible to show them. It also makes possible the use of our surrounding landscape and urban spaces as projections surfaces and their inclusion in the conceptual logic and/or narrative structures of the respective works created on the platform.

Binding nature, architecture and moving images together creates new possibilities for both artists and audience alike to create, distribute and see works in new spaces. Using public spaces allows audience the possibility to contact art in everyday and unexpected situations.

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