Trip to Turku / Digitally Yours exhibition



Departure: 9:03 (Helsinki railwaystation), arrival in Turku 11:00
Return: 15:00 (Turku railwaystation), arrival in Helsinki 16:57

Send an e-mail to office {{ ät }} if you want to join the trip, we can offer a reduced price for train ticket if you contact us early enough. Otherwise jump on the train on Sunday and join us for a morning coffee in the restaurant car. One of the exhibition curators Andy Best and many of the featured artists will meet us in the museum to present their work.

Digitally Yours (31 March-13 May 2007) is an exhibition of digital art organised by The Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum and the Arts Council of Southwest Finland. The exhibition features works from Manu Luksch (AT), Åsa Ståhl & Kristina Lindström (SE), Pia Tikka (FI), Christian Nold (UK), Phil Coy (UK), Anita Fontaine (US), Stanza (UK), Beloff & Berger (FI), Juha Huuskonen & Tuomo Tammenpää (FI), Markus Renvall (FI), Soda (UK), Ed Burton (UK) & Zachary Lieberman (US) and Animaatiokone Industries (FI).

“Despite its mundane quality digitality is something that changes people. In this spirit Digitally Yours challenges existing conceptions of art by transforming the character of artworks as well as the roles of artist and spectator. Digitally Yours provides experiences, joy, participation and a great deal to refl ect upon for a broad spectrum of audiences. Digitally Yours deals with the inevitable co-existence of people and the digital world. The exhibition maps the changes in life and art in a time that is characterised by the digitalisation of culture. The artists in the exhibition use digital technology, but with a critical attitude.”