» MEGAPOLIS 2022 event, Helsinki, 13 October 2007
» Dorkbot Helsinki featuring Defectro, Helsinki, 2 November 2007
» DIY electronics workshop, Helsinki, 1 December 2007
» Pixelache Helsinki 2008: Pixelache University, 13-16 March 2008

» Pixelvärk Stockholm, 5-7 October 2007

» Piksel07 Bergen, 15-18 November 2007

» Mal au Pixel Paris, Call for Projects, deadline 1 Nov 2007
» Mal au Pixel 2008, 17-25 May 2008

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October 23: Dorkbot Helsinki, 2 November 2007
October 3: Pixelvärk Stockholm next week end!
October 3: MEGAPOLIS 2022
September 10: Mal au Pixel 08 call for projects + Pixelache Network News
July 25: More Nordic Pixels
July 18: Piksel07 deadline extended!
July 18: Back from the Jungle!
July 6: VJ Finland Workshop & Jam at Korjaamo, 14 July 2007
June 25: First photos + videos from Pixelazo 2007.2!
June 19: Pixelazo in Medellin this week!
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Dorkbot Helsinki, 2 November 2007

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Photo: © lastgap art laboratories 2000-2006

Welcome to an exciting Dorkbot Helsinki on November 2, from 18.00 onwards. This third edition of Dorkbot Helsinki will feature presentations and acts by the Association of Experimental Electronics (FI), Exo (FI) and our special feature Defektro (Japan/Australia).

Dorkbot was first organized in NYC in 2000 as a monthly gathering of artists, scientists and anyone else “doing strange things with electricity”. Later on, other people realized that their home city was in dire need of such a meeting, and dorkbot started to spread to other cities in different parts of the world…

Date & time: 2 November 2007, 18.00-01.00
Place: koko-teatteri / www.kokoteatteri.fi
Ticket: 5 eur

More info at http://pixelache.ac/university
About Dorkbot: www.dorkbot.org

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Pixelvärk Stockholm next week end!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Photo: Grains and Pixels
Grains and Pixels

PixelVÄRK will be held next week end 5-7 October 2007 in Stockholm.

The festival is organised by Mejan Labs in collaboration with local pixelites. The 3-day programme consists of a seminar focusing on the aesthetics, tools and methods in VJ-ing and other underground media, and of club events celebrating live video and the pixel.

The festival marks the end of the Game Art focus Mejan Labs has had during the early autumn of 2007, with the last days of the exhibition Game Artat Mejan Labs (closing on 7.10).

Come along if you can!

More information on the programme: www.pixelvark.se

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Megapolis 2022

Pixelache invites you to share a morning coffee in the company of the Parisian artist duo HeHe, who will present their upcoming project ‘Nuage Vert’ (‘Green Cloud’) that is to be seen in the skies of Ruoholahti during February 2008.

Using a language based on light, sound and image, their practice explores the relationship between the individual and their architectural and urban environment. Their propositions are utopian, often posing as products ready for consumption, but are also real, functioning temporarily at the moment of operation.

Also participating in the discussion: Juha Huuskonen & Mathieu Marguerin, organisers of Pixelache electronic art festival in Helsinki & Paris.

The presentation/discussion will be held in English.

Date & time: 13 October 2007, 11.00-12.00
Place: Vanha / www.vanha.fi
Additional info. on HeHe: www.hehe.org

This presentation is a part of Megapolis 2022, an exciting one-day event initiated by the environmental organisation Dodo.

Further info. on Megapolis 2022 programme: www.megapolis2022.org

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Mal au Pixel 08 call for projects + Pixelache Network News

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Mal au Pixel 2008 call for projects

Mal au Pixel
Festival International des Cultures Electroniques
17-25 May, Paris

The third edition of Mal au Pixel will focus on the theme of public space.

We are currently looking for both finalized projects as well as concepts/prototypes and we encourage people from all disciplines to participate and send us proposals. Artists, researchers, architects, designers, hackers, activists, engineers, VJs, etc., you are all welcome!

We are seeking for projects more specifically dealing with the online public space and virtual communities, interactive installations in the urban space, mobile infrastructures and new cartographies.

We will also support site-specific projects by granting artistic residencies and providing other production resources.

Deadline for submission: November 1, 2007

More information about the submission process is available here: in English and in French

Pixelache Network News

Pixelache continues traveling around the world, with upcoming new events in the Nordic region and in Paris…

SWEDEN * Pixelvärk October 5-6 2007 / www.pixelvark.se

NORWAY * Piksel November 15-18 2007 / www.piksel.no

FINLAND * Pixelache Helsinki march 13-16 2008 / www.pixelache.ac

* Mal au Pixel May 17-25 2008 / www.malaupixel.org
* Pixelache @ “Printemps (im)médiat!” May 2008.
“Printemps (im)médiat!” is a series of events organized by the Finnish Insitute in Paris in collaboration with several Finnish cultural organizations including Pikseliähky. It will take place in Paris during spring 2008, as part of the “100% Finlande, un festival finlandais en France” event and in parallel with Mal au Pixel festival.

ICELAND * Pikslaverk spring 2008 (dates to be confirmed) / www.this.is/lorna

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More Nordic Pixels

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Two new Nordic events will join the Pixelache family!

PixelVÄRK in Stockholm will be held 5-6 October 2007 (organised by Mejan Labs in collaboration with local pixelites) and Icelandic version of Pixelache will be initiated by Lorna!


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Piksel07 deadline extended!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

The deadline for project submissions to Piksel07 has been extended to july 31. 2007!

Please see the open call for submission guidelines:

and use the submission form for project proposals:

* * *

Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with open source audiovisual software, hardware & art. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, by the Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (BEK) and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of FLOSS & art.

This years event - Piksel07 - continues the exploration of free/libre and open source audiovisual code and it’s myriad of expressions, and also investigates further the open hardware theme introduced at Piksel06.

Piksel07 is done in collaboration with Gallery 3,14 which will host this years exhibition. Piksel is organised by BEK and a community of core participants including members of collectives dyne.org, goto10.org, ap/xxxxx, hackitectura.net, riereta.net, drone.ws, gephex.org and others.

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Back from the Jungle!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

The white Finns juhuu + pete + henrik got a chance to visit Amazonia, Colombia for 10 days with Vanessa + Juan Carlos / Intermundos. We explored the area around the city of Leticia, located in the border area of Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The future goal for Pixelazo is to initiate a jungle residency for international artists, for staying in Colombia for a couple of months and working on projects with local artists and reseachers.

Check juhuu flickr for some pretty jungle photos (tag ’selvatorium’).

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VJ Finland Workshop & Jam at Korjaamo, 14 July 2007

Friday, July 6th, 2007

VJ Finland is an open forum dedicated to Finnish VJ culture, which aims to foster the development of the local VJ scene.

VJ finland organises its first workshop and jam in collaboration with Pixelache, at Korjaamo (www.korjaamo.fi) on Saturday, July 14

Workshop 17.00 - 21.00
Jam 21.00 - 02.00

VJ`s >>
Random Doctors
Turu Sanoma
Orchid Bite
Op- (Lumiere bros.)
Alien Killer
Visual Systeemi

Sounds >>
DJ Jyrkkä Pajulaakso (Notkea Rotta, Holohedral)
DJ Physics (Midnight Sun, Metalheadz)
Boyz of Caligula vs. Munchies (PJVM, Mesak, Randy Barracuda, V.C)

Workshops >>

Resolume (Random Doctors, Harmaa, Op-)
Korg laitteistot (Xploitec)
Monipinta projisoinnit (Beige)
MaxMsp/Jitter (Turu Sanoma)
Modul8 (Orchid Bite,Visual Systeemi)
VDMX5 (Klaustrofobia)
Edirol V4 (Visual Systeemi)
Guerrilla VJ Unit Demo (Xploitec)
Pioneer DVJ (Op-)
GlassVU projisointipinta

For further information, check www.vjfinland.fi


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First photos + videos from Pixelazo 2007.2!

Monday, June 25th, 2007


Pixelazo 2007.2 just finished in Medellin! And Selvatorium continues this week in Leticia, Amazonas…

Photos are starting to appear in Flickr (tag ‘pixelazo’), I prefer to see my photos in big size instantly so I also made a couple of gallery pages:

* Photos from Barrio Santa Cruz
* Photos from VJ + music workshop show at Barrio Santa Cruz
* Photos from Pixelazo Bailable at Parque de las Luces

Also some quick videos shot with my tiny camera, compressed in MPG4 / DivX:

More stuff coming up when we get back from the Amazonas….





Pixelazo in Medellin this week!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

The first Pixelazo workshop (VJ workshop by Visual Systeemi) started today in Barrio Santa Cruz la Rosa in Medellin, Colombia. Rest of the program this week features a workshop on blogging by Alejandro Tamayo & Régine Debatty, music workshop by Bicho Vargas (Bogota), streaming workshop by Antena Mutante (Bogota), three conferences with presentations by Medellín Wireless, recycling project eRECICLAJE, radio and other media projects of indigenous tribe Nasa and many others… The week finishes with two fiestas featuring local acts like Systema Solar and demonstrations of the music and VJ workshops results.



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