Pixelache & Basso Club

Saturday, March 31 @ Helsinki Club
HEXSTATIC (Ninja Tune, UK) Audio Visual Live

Boner Dj`s (Wiljam & Genki, Finland)
M-FX (Austria)
Rumpistol DJ Set (Denmark)
DJ MHM One (Denmark)
Konstruktion Dj`s (Sweden)

4youreye (Austria)
Bottega Arete (Denmark)
Casper Obro (Denmark)
VJ SameSame (Denmark)
Propaganda (Estonia)
Rio Rokokoo (Hungary)
Morc (Hungary)
Samu Bence (Hungary)
Induction (Sweden)
Hello World (Finland)
Visual Systeemi (Finland)
Xploitec (Finland)



Pioneers of contemporary VJ Culture, best known for the Coldcut & Hexstatic collaboration projects in late 90s, Hexstatic have spent the last 10 years making some of the craziest audio and visual productions and staging spectacular shows around the world. Hexstatic was voted Nro 1 in the annual ‘Top 20 VJs in the world’ poll organised by DJ Magazine in 2005.

Hexstatic are Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson, and together they have been consistently breaking new ground in Audio and Visual entertainment since 1995. Hexstatic started experimenting with video at the first Big Chill festival and then went on to become resident VJ’s at Ninjatune’s famous Stealth night and a host of other UK clubs. They collaborated with Coldcut and Greenpeace for the Natural Rhythms Trilogy, which included the award winning AV single Timber.

Past work includes collaboration with David Byrne at Lisbon Expo and the first live AV show at the spectacular Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. They are regular contributors to new media festivals such as onedotzero and have produced work for the BBC and Channel 4 amongst others. Hexstatic have been instrumental in developing the Pioneer DVJ-X1 professional DVD player, being the first to demo at Sonar 2004.

October 2004 sees the release of Master View, the second AV album from Hexstatic. This lush beats and electro album comes as a groundbreaking CD\DVD and features synchronised videos for every track and extras including 3D anaglyph versions of selected videos.

Hexstatic and Amon Tobin gig