Tapani Köppä (FI)

Written by Kalle Pakkala on March 19, 2009.


Tapani Köppä (FI), 66, D pol sc (sociology) is responsible research director of coop study group at the Mikkel unit of Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki (UH). He has acted as professor of sociology at the University of Kuopio 2005-2007. Previously he was acting director of the Institute for Co-operative
Studies, UH (1991-2001). Doctor Köppä has long experience in local R&D project activities and entrepreneurship training programmes of the university. He has participated actively in international networks of co-operative studies, social economy and rural sociology.

Current themes of his research include social economy and its role in solving socio-economic problems at local and global settings, social innovations in entrepreneurship and welfare services and their social impact, social economy as a basis for new forms of entrepreneurship and co-operation in rural areas and future studies connected with the evolution of economic co-operation. Before his university career, Dr. Köppä was working at the market and economic policy research institutes of the Finnish co-operative central organisation Finncoop Pellervo.

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