Tanda Foundation: Apply, Donate, Create

Written by Kalle Pakkala on March 30, 2009.

Tanda Foundation is an experimental not-for-profit foundation to facilitate public funding for creative practice. The model takes advantage of the democratic nature of the web 2.0 to create a platform of collective authorship, with a public and accountable cultural agenda The Foundation is run and held by it’s own users, which are at the same time the Patrons and Candidates that generate financial and cultural capital.

The model is inspired by an alternative economy practice established in Mexico called “Tanda”, a free form of economy practice and rotating credit association common among illegal immigrants in the United States as a response to the inability of joining the regular banking system, as well in Mexico where the less priviledged class population can’t keep up with the credit system.

Tanda Foundation allows members to post proposals, give donations -limited to 20 us- and vote to decide which projects will receive the funds collected in each monthly cycle.

In addition to ‘Cash’ grants, we offers ‘Fame’ grants, which allows association to the Tanda Foun- dationand vice-versa, by including a reference in a curriculum vitae. This potentially increases the chances of being eligible to receive bigger institutional grants! The goal is to create a net- work surrounding our Foundation which grows; and as the fame of our recipients increases, the more valuable it will be to belong to the Tanda Foundation.

More info:

03. April 10:00 Kiasma Theatre Alternative Economy Cultures seminar

Geraldine Juárez (MX)


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