Atau Tanaka (US)

Written by Kalle Pakkala on March 24, 2009.

Atau and Adam combine the dynamics of free jazz and improvisation with the physicality and repetition of electronic dance music, moving through crisp digital textures, saturated funk riffs and fractured shards of sub bass. Atau’s instrument, the biomuse, uses bioelectric signals to manipulate electronic sounds, embedding the musician’s body in the performance, whilst Adam’s setup uses max msp software and controllers to draw the expressivity from the clicks, crackles and pulses of his drum machines.

Atau Tanaka (JP/UK/FR) & Adam Parkinson (UK) Culture Lab Newcastle (UK)

02. April 19:00 Kiasma Theatre Culture Lab Newcastle performance
03. April 13:00 Taik Media lab Chiptune Marching Band workshop
04. April 10:00 Kiasma seminar room Digital Craftsmanship seminar