Jens Wunderling (DE)

Written by Kalle Pakkala on March 20, 2009.


Jens Wunderling (1979) is a media artist and interaction designer with a professional background in graphic design, living and working in Berlin, Germany.

He started as a graphic designer in a design bureau mainly dealing with printed media and some webdesign, and began studying at the university of the arts, Berlin in 2003. Since 2004 he studies digital media in the class of Prof. Joachim Sauter where his focus shifted towards interaction design and interactive art as well as awareness- and critical design. He graduated in december 2008

His projects explore human-computer interactivity beyond standard user interfaces and new forms of communication by technological means. His latest projects also incorporate social issues in the times of fast-developing media and technology.

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self.detach UdK Berlin (DE)

02. April 18:00 Kiasma Digital Craftsmanship exhibition opening
04. April 10:00 Kiasma seminar room Digital Craftsmanship seminar