Fylkingen and The Nursery presents:


Fylkingen, Saturday 23 april 19.30
Münchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgata 2. T- Mariatorget
Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 84 54 43
Tickets: 80 SEK.

Differnet (SE) with VJ Måns Nyman
Shogun Kunitoki (FI)
Johan Skugge (SE) with VJ Guffe Funck

DJ Mali-k from Sister STHLM

Game-installations by Robert Brecevic (SE)

PixelVÄRK will gather together audiovisual artists from Sweden, focusing on the visual side of the experimental music scene. The festival will present a broad spectrum of artists who all represent different aspects of this scene.

PixelVÄRK is organised in collaboration with PixelACHE Helsinki.

More info:

Differnet (SE) is the big stars of the Swedish glitch-pop scene. They recently released their second record “The Title is the Text Printed on the Cover, or Nothing at All”. Their music lies between acoustic and electronic, pop and noise, vocal and instrumental.

Shogun Kunitoki (FI) A Helsinki-based trio that has been playing together since 2000, Shogun Kunitoki is an attempt to help electronic music regress back to a more human state, the time of the electric organ and the ring modulator, the spring reverb and the test oscillator. Sleepy sweet organs and squiggly analog synths, Daniel Johnston beats and Terry Riley drones.

Johan Skugge (SE) is a well known Swedish musician. His last album “Volume” moves in the borderlands of tech-house and flirts with disco sounds, resulting in an astonishing, well produced, and coherent album, full of curious turns and unexpected creative elements. “Volume” connects to classic genre experiments such as Thomas Brinkmann’s “Soul Center” and Vladislav Delay’s “Luomo”. Yet, with its healthy unfaithfulness towards traditional club music, “Volume” produces its own original sound. This lack of restraints and respect is utterly sustained by Laura’s peculiar and beautiful voice.

Robert Brececiv (SE) is an artist and film maker that also has done some computer game development. He is the initiator of ”Banananose Computer Movies” which is a try to make film/video with the logic and interaction of computer games.

Måns Nyman (SE) focuses on the detail in the big picture, the moment within the moment always crisp and never hiding behind filters or presets. Working with raw material that are put together live during the set using selfmade tools to put the motion to work with the audio, Måns adds new interpretations of the music and at the same time leaving so much untold that the final cut is made in the eyes of the audience. Collaborations with amongs others, Moder Jords Massiva, Pavan, Ola Bergman, emmon and many more.

Guffe Funck (SE) VJ.

Mali-k (fr) started to play records in France in 1995 and got involved in the electronic scene of her little town : Clermont.Ferrand. Then she kept on moving, first to Lyon, then to Brighton, and then settled 3 years in Barcelona, before moving to Stockholm.
All that time long, playing records and organizing parties. In the beginning, really into the independent electronic/techno scene (Subhead, Fix,Scandinavia, Warp Rephlex….and artists like Cristian Vogel, Jamie Lidell and so on….), she s been turning into more hip-hopish stuff of a particular kind through the label Anticon.

Carita Ottosson, +46 735-061704, +46 8 845443
carita ((at)) fylkingen.se