PixelACHE visits Piksel04

Piksel04 workshop in Bergen, Norway. Fjords, autumn colours, fish, open source audiovisual performance software… What more could one ask for?

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Data at Oslo airport

Photos: Jenni Valorinta & Juha Huuskonen (check photo url for credit)
Text: Juha Huuskonen

Piksel04 and PixelACHE 2005 were linked together in a simple way - we exchanged a few people. The PixelACHE crew who had a chance to make a brief visit to Bergen consisted of Juha Huuskonen & Jenni Valorinta (PixelACHE organisers), Antti Silvast (software designer) and Teemu Kivikangas (artist). Our visit was very brief but very fruitful - we had a chance to meet many nice people and get a good idea of what Piksel04 is about. Antti & Teemu also gave a performance and a presentation about the open source software they are using.



We made a small questionnaire which was given to some Piksel04 participants:

0. Who are you and what do you do?
1. Are you a passionate supporter of the concept of open source? Why / why not?
2. What is your relationship to audiovisual performances, what do you find currently interesting in this field?
3. What is the future of open source software?
4. What Piksel04 related web addresses you would recommend for people to check out? (1-5 addresses)

Here are the answers to questions 0-3, the answers to question 4 (web addresses) have been compiled to the end of this page. The persons who kindly took the time to answer the questions were Gisle Frøysland, Per Platou, Amos (TangieRCluJ ), federico “il cane” bonelli and adam overton.

Gisle Frøysland

(» questions)

0. My name is Gisle Frøysland. I’m an artist, co-founder of and working at BEK (www.bek.no), initiator and organiser of piksel.no events.

1. Yes! It’s all about freedom. Freedom to create, freedom to share, and freedom to

2. Been doing it for too many years ;) Current interest includes my old Atari ST and stuff like Colourspace and Trip-a-Tron by Jeff Minter.

3. A stronger division between the streamlined MS/Apple look-a-like distros and the strange and wonderful world of totally-useless-but-higly-artistic special-purpose programs that we artnerds love.

Per Platou

(» questions)

0. Per Platou, artist with Motherboard, based in Oslo/Norway (www.liveart.org). Part of the BEK crew for the Piksel event (log/moderator)

1. Politically: yes, definitely - simply because it is the only way to go! :)
I am all for an “expanded” use of Open Source, meaning I am advocating transparency in all parts of life, even outside software etc.

2. Live audovisual performance is part of Motherboard’s core activites. I am also working as a curator for the Norwegian Short Film Festival, where my responsibility is the art/experimental side of things. I find
the convergence and differences between “traditional” film/video language and “experimental” expressions the most interesting bit, not the aesthetics per se. So for me the most interesting part of this
field is where people are (attemprting to) break new ground and/or trying out artistic expressions in a social context.

3. The future’s so bright, I gotta wear ……. (insert)

Amos (TangieRCluJ )

(» questions)

0. I am an artist. I produce things that has to do with the connection between the real world that moves and the not real world that moves. so I all the time try to see what is real and not real.

1. yes.I think that open content is very important.

2. I think I like about audio visual is that it’s really ambiguous about what it is really.I think that what is interesting in audiovisual is that you can tell a story without speaking, or have one time line, and that can work.

3. i don’t know what is the future. i think open content is really happening now. i hope it will continue.

federico “il cane” bonelli

(» questions)

0. My name is federico “il cane” bonelli (aka fredd) i am a philosopher. I coordinate sub media research lab.
1. I write software, do analysis, think… imagine. I work with poetry. Sometime in the form of visual application, or teatrical performance or just written/spoken
2. I think most interesting thing are transformators: eg things/acts/agents that change the energetic flux of a situation
3. Open and libre software will become illegal, because our society will shift to a broader and whider form of paranoid fascism, of the worst species. Those who will have kept their mind open and access to code
could survive this barbaric time and maybe start again.

adam overton

(» questions)

0. i’m adam, a sound and a performance artist from atlanta, living in los angeles. my work explores the body and attempts to [re-]understand it in different ways through performance and technology.

1. i am definitely a supporter of it, a student of it, and i look forward to deepening my open source lifestyle.
[why?] it has proven to be an amazing way of sharing, growing, learning, community-building/connecting, etc, and is something that i would like to extend my involvement with it.

2. i’m interested in conceptual art, and in [a/v] artists who are rethinking their relationship to their medium, their tools, their ways of thinking and performing. i am excited that a/v performance has
become more commonplace and less novel, and as a result is forcing artists and developers to create deeper connections between their work and their tools, making bigger decisions about how best to proceed with their ideas as a whole…

3. i can’t see the future, but perhaps the future will extend beyond software and into open source society…

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