PixelACHE 2005 warm-up event

PixelACHE 2005 warm-up event
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Saturday 12th of March
Nifca project space, Suomenlinna Island


Preparing for the PD workshop - setting up computers etc.

PD workshop by Koray Tahiroglu

PD (aka Pure Data) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing. PD is an open source project and is available for PC, Mac, Linux and various Unix versions. PD has a strong user & developer community and can be considered as a serious alternative for the commercial Max/MSP toolkit.

PD workshop tutor is Koray Tahiroglu, an artist-researcher who is experimenting on generative musical improvisation and human musical interaction at Mlab /UIAH. The workshop will focus on the basics of PD user interface and sound generation with PD.

NOTICE! If you want to join the workshop you need to e-mail address pdworkshop ((at)) pixelache.ac! You need to bring your own computer and it would be helpful if you would install the Pure Data workshop already in advance (alternatively this can also be done in the beginning of the workshop, there are internet connections (ethernet) available for workshop participants).

Artist presentations:
Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen (www.hehe.org)
Thor Magnusson & Enrike Hurtado (www.ixi-software.net)

Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen are artists and interaction designers based in Paris, France. They have been selected for the PixelACHE 2005 artist residency which is organised in collaboration with NIFCA - Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art. During their two-month long stay in Helsinki, Helen and Heiko will develop a new prototype of their Nuage Vert (Green Cloud) project. Nuage Vert proposes using gas emissions of industrial plants as surfaces for interactive projections.

Thor Magnusson and Enrike Hurtado are the artists/musicians/software developers behind the www.ixi-software.net project. They have been working several years on visual software environments for generating music. Thor is an Icelandic musician and writer, currently doing research at the University of Sussex in artificial intelligence and music. Enrike is software designer/programmer and musician from the basque country. Thor and Enrike are in Helsinki to give a one-week long workshop at the University of Art and Design which will be exploring the creation of musical instruments in open source programming languages.

After the artist presentations the PixelACHE and particle/wave workshop organisers will give a short update on the plans for the festival/workshop…

Singing Bridges cd release (www.singingbridges.net)
+ improvised electronic music by Thor & Enrike & SolarDuo Project & Richard Widerberg (+ maybe some others!)

Jodi Rose presented her Singing Bridges project in PixelACHE 2004 in Helsinki and Stockholm. Her recently released cd Singing Bridges Vibrations : Variations cd is a ‘document of Jodi Rose’s sonic odyssey to record bridges around the world, and features remixes by international sonic artstars’. Singing Bridges cd launch parties have so far been held Melbourne & Sydney and we are happy to host the first launch party in Europe :)

Thor and Enrike from ixi-software will do an improvised electronic music set with SolarDuo Project and Richard Widerberg.

SolarDuo Project - Koray Tahiroglu and Joni Lyytikäinen experiment on the possible sound structures that light waves can create. They use solar panel instruments and any kinds of Sun information within their computational algorithms to organize their sounds in the performance.

Richard Widerberg is a student at Medialab, University of Art and design Helsinki and one of the organizers of Pixelvärk, the Pixelache equivalent in Stockholm, Sweden.

Warm-up continues

Warm-up wrap-up, we last ferries leave the island at 01:00 and 02:00.

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NOTICE! There will be some drinks and snacks available, but in order to guarantee your fun and enjoyment we recommend you bring some of your own as well… :)

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How to get to Suomenlinna Island and Nifca project space:

Ferries to Suomenlinna leave from Market Square (Kauppatori), you can find the schedule here.

You should catch the 13:40 ferry for the PD workshop, 18:40 ferry for the artist presentations and 20:40 ferry for the concerts.

Nifca project space is number 34 in this map.


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