PixelACHE 2005 themes

PixelACHE festival program will be based on a new structure this year. In addition to the program which is based on the annual theme (Dot Org Boom), we have decided to include some additional program categories. These categories are:

  • Experimental sound & interaction and electronics
  • VJ culture
  • Interactive and participatory cinema
  • Grassroot networks and politics of media / technology

The projects in these categories do not necessarily have to be related to the Dot Org Boom theme - we are interested in all kinds of innovative and experimental projects. In the same way as before, we also take into consideration project concepts which are still in the early planning stage.

Call for projects

We invite artists and designers, engineers and architects, researchers and activists, professionals and students - all kinds of people involved in experimenting with new and old technologies - to send us project descriptions and ideas! Fill in the necessary information and follow the instructions in the submission form: PixelACHE05.doc / PixelACHE05.rtf / PixelACHE05.txt

We are currently looking for program for both years 2005 and 2006. The deadline for the submissions for the spring 2005 program is 15th Nov 2004, you can send us proposals for the year 2006 also after this deadline.

PixelACHE workshops

PixelACHE festival will feature several workshops organized together with both local and international collaborators. Currently confirmed workshops are the particle/wave hybrid radio workshop, PixelACHE goes Television workshop and VJ culture and audiovisual performance tools workshop.

particle/wave hybrid radio workshop explores the interface between the creative traditions of terrestial radio broadcasting and emerging practices of internet radiomaking. particle/wave rethinks community radio practices through distributed and participatory networks of sonic exchange, open content models and new radiomaking tools. It examines the dual nature of radio as wave/packet, network/sound, transmission/reception... particle/wave is coordinated by Sophea Lerner and organised in collaboration with Sibelius Academy, Centre for Music & Technology.

VJ culture and audiovisual storytelling workshop explores the connections between VJ culture, filmmaking and theatre. The workshop tutors include theatre directors, audiovisual designers and participants from the piksel04 event (www.piksel.no), an annual workshop which specializes in developing open source audiovisual performance software. The workshop also connects to the PixelACHE goes Television workshop.

Pixelache goes Television workshop will search for new and fresh approaches to an old medium. The local television channel called Dina in Arabia district of Helsinki is open for projects to be broadcasted. The area of Arabia is the Art and Design campus of Helsinki, consisting of four design schools and a Jazz academy. Most of the residents of the area are closely connected to art, design and entertainment industries. The projects for Dina channel during Pixelache 2005 are expected to push the boundaries of traditional television. The workshop will be hosted by Teijo Pellinen, lecturer of interactive television production at University of Art and Design Helsinki.

PixelACHE artist residency + PikselVÄRK

PixelACHE Helsinki features a two-month long artist residency in collaboration with NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art. Artists can apply for the residency with the PixelACHE 2005 project submission form.

PikselVÄRK is the working title for a series of events (audiovisual club night + small conference) which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. The project submissions for PixelACHE 2005 Helsinki will be considered for the Stockholm events as well. More information will be available soon!

PixelACHE organisers

PixelACHE 2005 in Helsinki is organised by Piknik Frequency in collaboration with Kiasma Theatre. PixelACHE program is designed in collaboration with katastro.fi electronic art and subcultures network.

A complete list of collaborators and supporters will be announced together with the full festival program in spring 2005.

Contact information

PikseliÄHKY // PixelACHE festival
Laivurinrinne 1
00120 Helsinki
tel: +358-9-622 79 667
fax: +358-9-622 79 669

web: www.pixelache.ac
e-mail: contact at pixelache.ac