June 8, 2003

pixelache NYC + MTL tour is over!
thanks to all the participants!

poster/programme (3447 Kb)

pikseliÄHKY // pixelACHE 2003
New York, 1-3 June 2003

# audiovisual experiments and creative misuse of technology
# DIY lo-fi/hi-fi performances and installations

pixelACHE NYC edition is presented by Gershwin Hotel

PikseliÄHKY // pixelACHE is an international laboratory for creative experimenting with audiovisual technologies. After our successful event in Helsinki, the festival is arriving to New York and Montreal. The events consists of audiovisual performances, interactive cinema screenings and an exhibition of media art projects.

Most of the featured artists are coming from Helsinki, the hometown of pixelACHE. They present the fringe of the Finnish media art scene, emerging artists and yet-to-be-discovered art forms. The events also include like-minded artists from Stockholm, New York and Montreal.

Many of the projects are adventurous experiments and collaborations, especially put together for the festival. The theme for this year's edition is the art of VJ'ing, mixing and manipulating video material in a live performance situation.

Our host and main collaborator in New York is the extraordinary Gershwin Hotel, with their gallery, performance space and rooftop dedicated for the event. We will also do a laptop jam session with SHARE at Open Air and the event will finish with an audiovisual concert at Galapagos in Williamsburg, as a part of the New Music at North Sixth series.

PikseliÄHKY // pixelACHE laboratory series is organised by non-profit organisation Piknik Frequency.

PixelACHE NYC is presented by Gershwin Hotel and supported by Olento, AVEK, Amfibio and Genelec. The event is organised in collaboration with Finnish Foundation for Visual Arts.

More information:

Finnish Foundation for Visual Arts
799 Broadway, room 527, New York, NY 10003
t. +1 212 674 5570 - f. +1 212 674 5614

pikseliÄHKY // pixelACHE audiovisual laboratory
Vaasankatu 7, 00500 Helsinki, Finland
t. +358 9 72685145 - f.+358 9 72685146
www.pixelache.ac - info@pixelache.ac


pixelACHE // pikseliÄHKY tel. +358-9-7268 5145 | fax. +358-9-7268 5146 mail info@pixelache.ac