pikseliÄHKY // pixelache 2003
audiovisual laboratory

# Audiovisual experiments and creative misuse of technology
# DIY lo-fi/hi-fi performances and installations

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pixelACHE NYC is presented by Gershwin Hotel

Festival program and production: Juha Huuskonen and Petri Lievonen
Production assistance: Sanna Isotalo
Graphics & Web: Juha Franssila with php-programming by Arto Chydenius

Special thanks to our collaborators: Suzanne T. and the Gershwin Hotel staff, everyone at SHARE, Stephanie G. and Galapagos staff, Juulia Kauste and Marko Tandefelt at Finnish Foundation for the Visual Arts

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PixelACHE 2003 events have been curated by Juha Huuskonen (b. 1974), in collaboration with Petri Lievonen and the participating organisations. Juha started working on experimental media projects already on late 80's and is currently working as a media artist, software engineer, educator and an independent event organiser. He has previously been involved in setting up media art organisations and events such as katastro.fi media art collective, Avanto - Helsinki Media Art Festival, Nifca New Media AiR residency program and most recently non-profit organisation Piknik Frequency.

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Piknik Frequency in collaboration with Gershwin Hotel, Finnish Foundation for the Visual Arts, SHARE and New Music at North Sixth series

Gershwin Hotel - Olento - AVEK - Genelec - Amfibio


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