Respam Inbox:Performance

RESPAM will be premiering their performance entitled Inbox, using custom made VJ tools that query and retrieve messages, images, and text from a database that contains over 50,000 spam messages.

They will perform at the Kiasma Theatre on Thursday 14.4 after 18:00 and Umo Jazz Club on Saturday 16.4 night

RESPAM is a project started in April 2004 acting as a net art platform for the collection, implementation, and cultural integration of unwanted, abject data in the form of solicitous messages (heretofore referred to as spam) by artists Alex Dragulescu and Timothy Jaeger.

The focus of RESPAM is multifold. The first is to create a repository of extremely large sets of spam data that aren’t filtered or organized but left in their natural, untouched state. This repository will be publicly available, for both cultural and technological probing. We encourage Internet users to participate in this endeavor and send us their spam to The second is to tap into this data to create visualizations, electronic music, multimedia performances, projects and other artistic interventions. The third is to act as a portal for all spam-related information where one can find the latest in spam research, articles, legislation, tools and tutorials.

The goals of RESPAM are broad and diverse, but ‘performing the data’ is an integral part of our desire to turn this unwanted email into a veritable habitat, a landscape comprised of both sound and image.

For the Pixeche 2005 our performance is entitled Inbox. With Inbox we wish to expand the nascent practice of ‘real-time coding’ into the rich history of multimedia video installation. Inbox is structured in the same way as a VJ/DJ performance, but with a few caveats: In most VJ/DJ performances, the techniques and actual manipulations that the performer is doing are often times hidden: we wish to foreground this aspect of the performance. All our gestures will be superimposed over the projections and the audience will witness how we manipulate and query the database, retrieving results and triggering events.

Our interface and process of navigating the database becomes thus transparent, contrasting the way databases are used today: a ubiquitous yet hidden cultural form. We guide the audience through a wide variety of electronic visual and sound spaces that are transformed by various algorithmic processes. By aestheticizing common transactions that we take for granted (such as ecommerce, online shopping carts, or even clicking to retrieve an email message) a new sensibility is cultivated through exploring database semiotics.

RESPAM is generously supported by UCSD Visual Art Department, CRCA, Experimental Game Lab, and Darrel O’Pry of THE THING

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  1. pete said,

    Yes yes, the first artist-submitted post. I set you as the owner, so you get the comments by email and can edit the post in case there will be changes. Looking forward to seeing your performances!

  2. DVJTJ - RESPAM featured on Pixelache main page said,

    […] che main page
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    There is a great writeup of the RESPAM project on the Pixelache main site.


  3. marko said,

    See anyone riding horses in Finland?

  4. marko said,

    Alex needs to try another camera angle or soon we will be mistaking Tim for Laura!! Tim grab the camera from Alex and take some shots…
    looks chilly there for the So-Cal boys!

  5. Laura said,

    I wish I’d be there too :)

  6. Tim said,

    Mark, I will ask today whether there will be any ducks around!

    there is lots of water, you should propose your farm installation here at Kiasma!

  7. Laura said,

    Wow! I just saw the catalog at

    RESPAM is on page 32. I totally love that screenshot!

  8. Tim said,

    I love the pictures on the front page..

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