Ice Rainbow Castle in Liisanpuisto

A little winter hobby project –

Inspired by the example by a family in Edmonton we decided to build a ‘rainbow igloo’. We made a Facebook event 10 days prior to the event and several families decided to join in the effort. Each family brought 10-20 bricks (water mixed with food/water colour frozen inside juice/milk cartons) and amazingly the construction process took only a couple of hours!

We did not make a roof (to keep the construction safe) and we extended the form to a spiral, so that more people could fit in. At many times there were only small kids building the thing, parents did not have a chance to interfere 😉

‘Snowcrete’ (a mix of snow and water) turned out to be great building material, easy to handle and strong when it freezes. The temperature was around -7 celcius which was probably quite perfect. The final result has approx 300 bricks, looks great with candle light inside in the evening and not bad in sunshine either…

Here are some photos –




2 thoughts on “Ice Rainbow Castle in Liisanpuisto

  1. We were delighted to see that somebody from the other part of the world took on this project.
    We are happy to be the originators of the ‘Rainbow Igloo’ and are glad to be able to share our manner of building with you. Daniel Gray and Kathleen Starrie (builders of the igloo) are happy to see this becoming an easy to do family project, even if it is a little different…how creative, good on you!

    Gary & Brigid

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