Is survival in our media environment a question of fostering diversity of voices and opinions that are heard and distributed? Or perhaps a matter of lowering the barriers of entry by developing know-how, free software and low cost hardware? Do we need to become more skilled and self-sufficient in building our infrastructure, or perhaps the key to survival is to find alternatives to technology altogether?


Survival Kit - Part 1 is a 'Handbook for our media survival'. The book introduces five important themes: Media ownership and open publishing, Net Politics, Free/Libre and open source software, Beyond the digital divide and Community Networking. These themes are introduced through examples of projects and initiatives from around the world.



RAM 4 | Survival Kit workshop in November 2003 gathered together a group of artists, activists, technology experts, designers and researchers for a week of intense workshopping on the Suomenlinna island in Helsinki.


RAM 4 | Survival Kit workshop is organised by Olento in collaboration with NIFCA, The Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art.

RAM workshop series is supported by Culture 2000 Programme of European Union and Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Education. RAM 4 workshop is supported by NIFCA, Nordic Cultural Fund and Ministry of Education Finland.

RAM: Re-Approaching New Media

RAM: Re-Approaching new Media is a series of interdisciplinary and international workshops hosted by 6 organisations in Northern Europe : CRAC - Creative Room for Art and Computing (Stockholm), Atelier Nord (Oslo), E-Media Center (Tallinn), Olento (Helsinki), RIXC (Riga) and VILMA/Jutempus (Vilnius). RAM is initiated and coordinated by CRAC - Creative Room for Art and Computing in Stockholm.