pikseliÄHKY 2003
audiovisual laboratory - Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki 10-13 April 2003

# audiovisual experiments and creative misuse of technology
# DIY lo-fi/hi-fi performances and installations

The second pikseliÄHKY temporary audiovisual lab will be set up in Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki. The event will feature 4 days of shows, screenings, workshops and panel discussions.

pikseliÄHKY 2003 concentrates on two themes:

'VIDEOJUKKA' : We explore the art of VJ'ing, the act of mixing and creating video material in a live situation in connection with the music. International and local VJ stars will perform and give workshops on VJ tools and technologies. Panel discussions and talks will analyse the background and future of VJ'ing, as seen from the perspective of visual arts, film making and other relevant contexts.

Audiovisual architecture : Experimental projects combining media and architectural design. Interactive art installations, robots and sensors, projected environments and living surfaces. pikseliÄHKY artists will create projects or prototypes around the city and give practical workshops.

Call for proposals

We are searching for existing work but also prototypes and ideas of new work to be included in the pikseliÄHKY program. DIY lo-fi experiments and completely strange stuff is absolutely welcome! We are especially looking for people who are also willing to share their knowledge in the form of public presentations and/or workshops. Send short information about you and your work to proposals@pixelache.ac before 31 Dec 2002!!

A special selection of pikseliÄHKY program will travel to Bratislava in February (as a part of New Media Nation event) and to New York and Montreal in June. The work featured in pikseliÄHKY 2003 will be compiled to a catalogue, due to be released in October 2003.

pikseliÄHKY program will be announced in January 2003 at pikseliÄHKY website www.pixelache.ac. For any questions, please send e-mail to info@pixelache.ac (send you e-mail address here if you want to receive regular updates on pikseliÄHKY activities).

pikseliÄHKY 2003 organisers:

Olento + Amfibio together with Kiasma Theatre.