AvantoAkatemia 01


Antti Hietaniemi (photos)
juhuu + pia (stills from dv)

The User @ Kipsari
dish washing machine >> instrument

microphones need protection, too...

(yes, it is what you think it is)

after listening to our cameraman's heartbeat,

we move on to garling with beer! yes!

job well done!

The User @ Aula

workshop organisers from planet OZ

farmers manual @ LUME

farmers manual @ Aula




Welcome to AvantoAkatemia 01!!!

This year we are offering four events, targeted for students and professionals from the fields of arts, media and sound. The featured artists are farmersmanual and [The User], both participating in this years Avanto - Helsinki Media Art Festival.

On the two brunch sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning, the artists will tell about their work from their personal viewpoint. Food will be served and there's also time reserved for open discussion and questions.

The events on Thursday and Friday are more practical how-to sessions, the artists will demonstrate the tools and methods they use in their work.

We can only take a limited amount of participants for each event, therefore you have to sign up in advance. The participation fee for each event is 50 FIM.

Sign up and come along!!


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Thursday 8.11
Time: 10:00-12:00
Venue: Lume, Hämeentie 135 C
50 fim

Introduction to Diffusion, Dispersion, Nonlinearity, Multidimensions and Ambiguity

farmersmanual will strengthen network forms of organization, while simultaneously making your life difficult in old hierarchical forms. Examples in PD and MAX/MSP/nato within a networked environment will be part of the presentation.

links: Opcode MAX, MSP, NATO, PD, LEV List

Friday 9.11
Time: 17:00-19:00
Venue: Kipsari, Hämeentie 135 D (student cafe of UIAH)
50 fim

"How to turn a dish washing machine into an instrument?"

[The User] will demonstrate how to apply a similar approach as they used in their Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers to any conventional household equipment - in this case a dish washing machine!

Saturday 10.11

Time: 10:00-12:00
Venue: Aula, Lasipalatsi
50 fim

Brunch with [The User].

In addition to their Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers, [The User] will tell about their most recent project, Silophone.

Good food + all the things you ever wanted to know about [The User].

Sunday 11.11

Time: 10:00-12:00
Venue: Aula, Lasipalatsi
50 fim

Brunch with farmersmanual.

Come and enjoy a brunch with farmersmanual! An informal but nonetheless informative and intelligent session.




[The User]

Avanto Festival website; [The User] homepage; Silophone


farmersmanual website: web.fm
subnet: subnet.web.fm
Avanto Festival website
MEGO record label

software & technologies

Opcode MAX + MSP
Pure Data
LEV List


OlentoAkatemia 01


AvantoAkatemia is the first part of the OlentoAkatemia series, organised by Olento, a company specializing in cross-disciplinary media education.

The next OlentoAkatemia event is pikseliÄHKY - pixelache.ac in May 2002.

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive information about future events via e-mail, send mail to akatemia@olento.fi.

OlentoAkatemia organisers

Heidi Grönman, Juha Huuskonen, Antti Hietaniemi, Minna Piirainen, Pia Lehtinen, Rita Kärkkäinen, Vaula Aalto