1-2 March 2007, New Delhi, India

I was a 'Co-cartographer' of the first Mediawala Festival, planning the structure and the programme of the event with Zeenath Hasan & Aditya Dev Sood.

The first evening of Mediawala resembled an Indian wedding procession: the artworks were placed on top of hand-pushed carts and moved around as a night time parade around the Global Arts Village, with audience following and participating the show. The second day was a seminar held at the British Council auditorium in New Delhi. Mediawala was a part of Doors of Perception 9 event (theme 'Juice: Food, Fuel, Meaning').

The artists with the carts were:

- Streetfood Radiothela by foodradio_network (India)
- Quicksand presents in technicolor... by Quicksand (India)
- Apsara VJ Thela by Mo Ling Chui (Canada/ China)
- Ride-on-Dinner by Mick Douglas and team (Australia/ India)
- Dancing Around Trees by Keity Anjoure (France) and Ville Hyvönen (Finland)
- Zara Zor Lagake, Haiya! by Karthikeya Acharya and Vinay Silva (India)
- Toploaded Whirlpool of Lassi by Hari Nair and Team (India)
- Chandni Bar by Seagrams (India)
- McVideogame by La Molleindustria (Italy)
- Emotions in Man by Kati Aberg (Finland)
- Algorithmic Poetry by Le Ciel Est Bleu (France)
- Squishing it into the Slimy Depths of the Tethys Sea by Abhishek Hazra (India)
- Hawker Caterers Inc by Ghitorni street food hawkers (India)

Most of the art-carts were built and designed by a group of student volunteers, who also gave invaluable assistance with the production of the event.

More information:
* Doors of Perception 9: Juice
* My photos from Mediawala festival
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Photos below by Juha Huuskonen, Jerneja Rebernak and Leandro Pisano (including a couple of photos from Doors 9 & traditional Indian Holi event)

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