Photos from the workshop & Doors8 dj/vj party:


Photos by Tina Gupta (material for VJ performance):


'Flatties' by Erik Sandelin (material for VJ performance):


Random tourist photos by juhuu:


Workshop participants:

Anurag Somit, Delhi
Bernat Cuni, Barcelona (Spain)
Dyuti Bansal, Delhi
Erik Sandelin, Malmö (Sweden)
Isha Katoria, Delhi
Michael Joseph, Bangalore
Robert Gallup, Seattle (USA)
Robin Mao, Manipur
Siddharth Muthyala, Bangalore
Tina Gupta, Delhi

VJing in Delhi workshop

Doors of Perception 8
New Delhi, 18-20 March 2005
Workshop tutor: Juha Huuskonen -

VJing in Delhi workshop is an introduction to live video performance aka VJing. The VJ scene has developed rapidly during the past few years - there are currently thousands of active VJs around the world and for some it has even become a serious profession. One reason for this development is that the necessary equipment for VJing has become more accessible - video projectors are getting cheaper and computer has replaced the video mixer as the main tool of a VJ. The VJ scene brings together a very diverse crowd of creative people - visual artists, film-makers, media activists and people involved in the club/music scene.

Vjing in Delhi workshop gives a basic introduction to VJ concepts and tools. The participants will also have a chance to show the results of the VJ experiments in the Doors 8 dj/vj night on Wednesday 23rd March. The VJ workshop will also explore the theme of Doors of Perception 8 conference ('infra') in the suburban Delhi streetscape.




DAY 1 : Introduction to VJ culture

Friday 18th March


VJ culture introduction




Brainstorming ideas for VJ projects to be created during the workshop, introduction to some of the VJ software tools

We start the day with a presentation/discussion about the VJ scene in general - main concepts and tools, key organisations and events, etc. We also take a look at the work of some of today's most interesting VJ acts.

VJ performances can be divided to two general categories: 1. mixing previously prepared material or 2. generating video material live in the performance situation. The 'live' category can be further divided to two categories: 1. using live video footage or 2. generating graphics with software. VJ performances can also have all of these three things going on at the same time. Performances can also involve more people which turns a VJ performance into a visual orchestra/jazz band. Designing the projections to fit the performance space offers also a vast amount of creative possibilities, some VJ acts prefer to call themselves as 'performance/event architects'.

VJs often have to think about same issues as DJs - what kind of material one can use in a mix, what are the copyright issues etc. Fortunately there are free video archives which offer an easy way to start VJing. Most of the serious VJs tend to produce all the material themselves but of course there are many situations where borrowing/ripping/stealing material is a part of the VJ concept.

We finish the day by having a discussion about VJing and planning workshop projects. The projects which are created during the workshop will be presented at the Doors8 dj/vj night on Wednesday 23rd of April. We will also take a quick look at some VJ software, which will be further explored on Day 2.


DAY 2 : Hands-on workshop day with video and software

Saturday 19th March


Exploring VJ software tools




Gathering/generating material - shooting video material in Delhi and/or working with software

Processing video material in real-time on a computer has opened a vast amount of new possibilities for audiovisual expression. Around one hundred software tools for VJs have been released during the past few years, all of them presenting a slightly different idea of what live video performance is about.

Even though there is a large amount VJ software tools available, there are only a few tools which have a substantial amount of users (hundreds or thousands of VJs). We will take a look at some of the most popular VJ tools and also some more exotic ones (see Links).

In the afternoon we continue exploring VJ software and/or work in small groups on the VJ projects for the Doors8 dj/vj night. There will be some dv cameras available which can be used to shoot own material.

DAY 3 : Preparing the VJ performances

Sunday 20th March


Sharing the results of previous day with other participants, making plans for the Doors8 dj/vj night




Preparing Doors8 dj/vj performances

Day 3 is the wrap-up day of the workshop - the participants can focus on the areas of their interest and work on the projects for the dj/vj night. We start the day with a group meeting and then continue with individual work for the rest of the day.


Workshop participants - please bring visual material to the workshop!

Please bring with you visual material which could be used as source material in the workshop - videos, photos, Flash movies, texts, etc. It would be easiest if this material would already be in digital format but we can also try to arrange equipment (scanner, VCR player, etc) for digitizing material. The topics in the material can be anything you find interesting - from family photos to research data.


Information resources and discussion forums

MAX/MSP + Jitter
AudioVisualizers VJ software list

Events and labels

Video material resources