Tech_2 - Bristol, UK, August 2001 - juha huuskonen



Tech_2 was immensely inspirational! As a part of the programme I gave a short presentation of the project.

The main organiser of the Tech_2 event series was Media Art Projects / Lisa Haskel.


Tech_2 is a series of events, workshops, seminars and discussions, involving people who are using digital technologies for building independent media structures, developing and exposing their own forms of expression, and supporting interventions into social and cultural spaces.

Tech_2 participants are: digital artists, musicians, technical experts, independent journalists, radio and video makers, researchers, dancers, DJs, writers, poets, organisers... and many people who cross over these categories and many people who don’t fit into any.

Tech_2 emphasizes skills and knowledge sharing and developing networks, as well as an exploration of the social and political aspects of technology.

Free events and workshops. It’s for you to get involved!


Sarai Initiative
Independent Media Lab and projects in New Delhi, India.
Youth, arts, environment, media organisation in Newcastle, Australia.
A community local area network providing internet connectivity and shared media to a housing estate of around 250 households in Manchester, UK
Providing network resources to a wide host of activists in canada and abroad.
Calendar of events and information for activists in the US and worldwide.
Trans-national open publishing, non-corporate media.
A 100% volunteer effort of activists using technology for radical social change.
i-contact video network
Support and information for those using video for positive change.
Dove Street Action Group
Tenants organisation neigbouring the Cube with a media sensibility.
The Cube
Bristol’s microplex.
Tech expertise with a progressive sensibility. Look out for some UK critical mass documentations.
Virtual network and tools for cultural intervention.
Media Art Projects
Shareware funding strategies
Rachel Baker
Irationalist, artist and aspiring office worker.
Hosting virtual domains and also email facilities and lists to activists and ‘progressive’ stuff. Based in Australia.
Putting Tech_2 on the net and programmers extraordinaire.
Suspect Package
Comix for the net.
Independent Heroine
Fusing the oldest means of spreading information (the poster) with the newest (the internet) to attract world wide audiences and participants to womens history.
Bureau of Inverse Technologies
An information agency servicing the Information Age.
Streaming media training and net-radio set-up at ISIS Arts, Newcastle, UK
Redundant Technology Initiative
Exhibiting trash technology art around the UK and across Europe, and campaigning for low cost access to information technology.
Ambient TV
A group of streaming media producers, software and communication technology developers.
Pirate TV
Streaming media 24/7


Rubbish to Router

How to build a fully functional, internet-connected local area network from salvaged, scrap and easily available components and using open source software and domestic internet connections such as ADSL. All levels of technical knowledge welcome. Bring tools: screwdrivers – pliers – soldering iron – and any computer components.

Towerblock TV

Discover how to hack into the towerblock cable feed and operate resident-run television from your own highrise flat. Discuss this activity with interested individuals from Dove Street Action Group plus other interested projects and individuals including [Newcastle], Redbricks [Manchester], Pirate TV [London], Bristol City Council CCTV. Bring wire cutters - cameras - video player – recorded video material - television sets.

Open Content, Open Tools

If you know a task or a community well, you might be the best person to design software to make it run. The day starts with a discussion that takes the Sarai Media Lab “Cybermohalla” project - a programme to development computing culture with appropriate software within non-elite social spaces – as a starting point. Also with the participation of users of other applications, including Indymedia’s Active, the Irational toolkit and Mongrel’s Linker. Followed by a practical workshop introducing relevant software languages and applications such as PHP, mySQL and PERL. All levels of technical knowledge welcome.

...and much more! More information in the Tech_2 poster


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Rubbish to Router, IPSEC workshop etc.


Towerblock TV



Open Content, Open Tools